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16S 60V 50A BMS

16S 60V 50A BMS
16S 60V 50A BMS
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1. Use of high-quality materials, durable
2. Temperature control protection, safe and reliable
3. Lithium battery overcharge protection, over discharge protection; over current protection, output short circuit protection
4. Can be used for 3.7V ternary batteries, lithium manganese acid batteries and lithium cobalt acid batteries
5. Wide range of applications: electric car, twist car, electric power booster, scooter, inverter, etc.

Model: 16S 60V/50A with port
Applicable voltage power: 60V <2500W
Maximum working current: 50A MAX
Continuous working maximum current: 40A MAX
Over-discharge protection voltage: 2.6V
Overcharge protection voltage: 4.25V
Charging current: 40A MAX
Equalization charging function: Optional
Temperature protection: with this function. Discharge high temperature 75°C;Charge low temperature -7°C

Wiring Steps:
(1) collect the row of wires connected to each section of the battery to ensure effective connection of the row of wires.
Ensure that the plug end of the row of wires, a single sequence of potentials in increasing order or decreasing order. Potential order and protection board end of the socket potential order consistent and potential is one-to-one correspondence.
(2) Weld the B-lead of the protection board to the total negative B- of the battery pack.
Ensure that the soldering point is solid and reliable and has good conductive characteristics, and that there are no possible hidden dangers such as extrusion and friction in the alignment position, and that the alignment is smooth and short. Avoid solder, easily conductive objects or leads falling into, sticking to or touching the protection board.
(3) Docking the plug of the row of wires with the socket of the protection board.
First, finish soldering the B-lead of the protection board to the total negative B- of the battery pack, and then dock the plug of the row of wires with the socket of the protection board to ensure that the connection between the plug of the row of wires and the socket of the protection board is in place and no electrically charged objects or leads touch the protection board, and make good fixing measures.
(4) B+ and c- are connected to the positive and negative terminals of the charging interface.
Make sure that during the welding connection process, do a good job of isolating the other leads to avoid the occurrence of short circuit.
Discharge interface and charging interface of the test of the battery pack voltage consistent with the battery pack voltage, the correctness of polarity and the correct wiring position.

Note :
1, please pay attention to the output power to configure the size of the nickel sheet;
2, pay attention not to short circuit P+ P- repeatedly, there will be circuit voltage spikes, easy to cause MOS tube damage;
3, pay attention to, do not let the protection board touch the water, easy to damage!
4, welding the board, please pay attention to anti-static operation!

Assembly Instructions:
1, the first battery for voltage pairing, the difference <0.1V;
2, the battery's internal resistance pairing, the difference between the internal resistance <5 ohms;
3, the battery spot welding, test the voltage is normal:
4, the board is soldered nickel sheet:
5, according to B0 B1 B2 B+ order to connect the board to the lithium battery.

Balance Function :
Battery performance slowly deteriorates during use, including increased internal resistance, reduced capacity, inter-pole leakage
increase, external line loss inconsistency, etc., resulting in inconsistent voltage of each string in the battery pack, the actual available
In order to alleviate this problem, the equalization function is introduced. In order to alleviate this problem, the equalization function is introduced.
When the voltage of one string reaches a certain voltage point during the charging process, the shunt circuit is activated to reduce the charging current, slow down the charging speed and wait for other strings.
and wait for other strings. Thus the equalization effect is achieved.

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