2.5'' LCD Digital Inductance Capacitance L/C Meter w/ USB Cable

2.5'' LCD Digital Inductance Capacitance L/C Meter w/ USB Cable

Product Description:

  • LC100-A type is a full-featured added 1uF-100mF electrolytic capacitor test function, in addition to the basic three stalls, all the stalls are autoranging.
  • This product has an absolute advantage in the small value of testing with respect to the sales of finished products on the market inductance capacitance meter (such as 6243 series) is the accuracy and minimum resolution, and flexible online calibration can always maintain measurement accuracy. The instrument does not use any potentiometer adjustment, calibration parameters are completely stored in the microcontroller FLASH internal power-down is not lost, than the potentiometer calibration methods to accurately.
  • LC100-A basic technical indicators:
  • Measurement accuracy: 1%
  • Capacitance measuring range: 0.01pF-10uF
  • Minimum resolution: 0.01pF
  • Inductance Range: 0.001uH-100mH
  • Minimum resolution: 0.001uH
  • Large inductance measurement range: 0.001mH-100H
  • Minimum resolution: 0.001mH
  • Large capacitance measuring range: 1uF-100mF
  • Minimum resolution: 0.01uF
  • Test frequency: capacitors, inductors file about 500kHz, large inductance of about 500Hz
  • Can display current test frequency value
  • Effective display digits: 4
  • Display: 1602 LCD
  • Power supply: miniUSB interface to take power or 5V power supply
  • SMD soldering components, stable and reliable!  

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