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380V 5.5KW E550-2S0055 SIMPHOENIX VFD

380V 5.5KW E550-2S0055 SIMPHOENIX VFD
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380V 5.5KW E550-2S0055 SIMPHOENIX VFD
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  • Brand: DEWO MOTOR
  • Model: DZD004141
  • MPN: E550-2S0055
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Description :


E500 series AC Drive is developed based on new hardware platform, which is characterized with extraordinary performance, complete protection functions, small structure, elegance and durability. Optional control keyboard can be used flexibly by users according to requirements. It is especially configured with a status indicator to achieve keyboard-free operation and basic operation status monitor.


Typical applications
-Grinding machine
-Centrifugal machine
-Engraving machine
-Terminal machine, Wire-cutting machine, Dividing and cutting machine etc.

-SVC,V/F control.
-Highly adaptive to grid voltage, with endurable to ±20% fluctuation.
-Special self-adaptive control technology, allowing automatic current-limiting, voltage-limiting and under-voltage suppression during operation.
-Standard RS485 communication interface, optional MODBUS protocol and -Simphoenix self-defined protocol, with linkage of inverter and PLC, or other industry control equips easily.
-The panel supports hot-plugging applicable for system integration for various applications.
-Vivid real-time monitor, allowing for monitoring input and output current, voltage etc. in real time.
4-channel multifunctional input terminals, with 29 kinds of terminal function definitions, 16 kinds of programmable status outputs, hence enabling flexible parameters control.
-Built-in counter is able to conduct simple counting with match of multifunctional terminals.
-Internally integrated and optimized PID controller, facilitating to conduct closed-loop control over temperature, etc. which is able to simplify control system structure to reduce cost.

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