74LSxx TTL Logic

Out Of Stock 74LSxx TTL Logic
74LS00 Quad 2-input positive-NAND gates
74LS02 Quad 2-input positive-NOR gates
74LS03 Quad 2-input positive-NAND gates with open collector outputs
74LS04 Hex inverters
74LS05 Hex inverters with open collector outputs
74LS07 Hex Buffers / Drivers with Open-Collector High-Vltage Outputs
74LS08 Quadruple 2-Input Positive-AND Gates
74LS10 Triple 3-input positive-NAND gates
74LS11 Triple 3-input positive-AND gates
74LS14 Hex schmitt-trigger inverters
74LS20 Dual 4-input positive-NAND gates
74LS32 Quad 2-input positive-OR gates
74LS74 Dual D-type pos.-edge-triggered flip-flops with preset and clear
74LS86 Quad 2-input exclusive-OR gates
74LS93 4-Bit Binary Counters
74LS123 Dual retriggerable monostable multivibrators
74LS125 Quadruple Bus Buffers With 3-State Outputs
74LS132 Quad 2-input positive-NAND Schmitt triggers
74LS138 3-line to 8-line decoder / demultiplexer
74LS139 Dual 2-line to 4-line decoders / demultiplexers
74LS151 8-Line To 1-Line Data Selectors/Multiplexers
74LS157 Quadruple 2-Line To 1-Line Data Selectors/Multiplexers
74LS163 Synchronous 4-Bit Binary Counters
74LS164 Serial-in shift registers
74LS221 Dual monostable multivibrators with Schmitt-trigger inputs
74LS240 Octal buffers and line drivers
74LS245 Octal bus transceivers
74LS273 Octal D-Type Flip-Flops With Clear
74LS373 Octal D-type Transparent Latches with 3-state Outputs
74LS393 Dual 4-Bit Binary Counters

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