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About Us

About Us

Dzduino is a fresh created company based in Mostaganem, Algeria. As well as being the location of Algeria's biggest online electronics market it also has one of the most integrated electronic supply chains in algeria. A vast number of exciting and innovative products are availible every day.

We are active in open-source hardware community such as Arduino. Besides that we are the official Arduino, Sparkfun, itead Studio distributor in Algeria, we also have our own brand "Dzduino" which provides the same features at lower costs. Dzduino has a whole range of shields and sensors for education, prototyping, DIY projects and research purposes.

Whether it's to play with cool electronic gadgets or to build a 3D printer, we believe that everyone should have access to the tools, hardware platforms and resources to fulfil their ambitions. Our goal is to fuel an innovation revolution with easy to use prototyping modules, low cost development platforms and even custom made solutions to help you get your great ideas in to fruition in the quickest possible time.

A team of Talented engineers and geeks has been gathered to provide a rialible platforme which provide electronic solutions mainly for pleasure as the commercial binifit is not our main interest.

In electronics the big picture is usually more compelling than the nuts and bolts of electronic design. Because You have The Skills, We have the tools to accelerate the development process and reduce barriers to entry and soften those steep learning curves.

No matter whether you're a curious student, a qualified engineer, or a hobbyist who loves to create, there will always be something here to meet your needs - and if there isn't we'd love to know, we are constantly looking for new inspiration to help us expand our product range.

Dzduino Electornics - CEO

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