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Model: DZD000544 Stock: 7
Our IO expansion board is evolving, this latest V5 IO expansion shield is now supporting Xbee. ..
Ex Tax:1,600.00DA
Model: DZD000463 Stock: 1
This is 8 digital bits serial LED display. It features a flick free display and 3-Wire interface whi..
Ex Tax:2,000.00DA
Model: DZD001299 Stock: 23
Features:- Voltage and Power: 12V 30W, 12V 40W, 24V 30W, 24V 40W- Single-head Cartridge Heat..
Ex Tax:750.00DA
5MP Night Vision Camera for Raspberry Pi 5MP Night Vision Camera for Raspberry Pi
On Arrival
Model: DZD001140
INTRODUCTION :This 5MP Night Vision Camera for Raspberry Pi is compatible with every version o..
Ex Tax:7,000.00DA
Model: DZD000467 Stock: 23
This battery holder can hold 6 AA battery  which can make  7.2 V rechargeable battery pack..
Ex Tax:400.00DA
Model: DZD002874 Stock: 1
INTRODUCTION Add exciting new dimensions to your project with this large full-color dis..
Ex Tax:8,200.00DA
Analog Adjustable Infrared Proximity Sensor For Arduino Analog Adjustable Infrared Proximity Sensor For Arduino
Out Of Stock
Model: DZD001411
INTRODUCTIONThis is an Arduino infrared distance sensor. It has an adjustable detection range, 3..
Ex Tax:1,200.00DA
Model: DZD003353 Stock: 26
Simple 4 Cell AA Battery holder with 5" tinned leads, square configuration...
Ex Tax:250.00DA
Model: DZD001357 Stock: 14
Simple 4 Cell AA Battery holder with 5" tinned leads, square configuration...
Ex Tax:250.00DA
Model: DZD000203 Stock: 34
This 3xAA battery holder puts a nice finishing touch on your battery powered project. This holder fe..
Ex Tax:200.00DA
Model: DZD001133 Stock: 3
INTRODUCTION :Have you ever been in a situation where you need two communication methods for y..
Ex Tax:1,800.00DA
Model: DZD001485 Stock: 27
INTRODUCTIONThis is an Arduino compatible fingerprint module. With the high speed DSP processor,..
Ex Tax:5,500.00DA
Flexiforce Pressure Sensor - 100lbs Flexiforce Pressure Sensor - 100lbs
On Arrival
Model: DZD001530
INTRODUCTION :This is a piezoresistive force sensor. The harder you press, the lower the sensor&#..
Ex Tax:6,400.00DA
Model: DZD000478 Stock: 1
This is probably the smallest Arduino controller speically designed for controlling servos.  It..
Ex Tax:3,800.00DA
Force Sensitive Resistor 0.5" Force Sensitive Resistor 0.5"
On Arrival
Model: DZD001531
INTRODUCTIONThis is a force sensitive resistor with a round, 0.5" diameter, sensing area...
Ex Tax:2,000.00DA
FPV Nylon Pan & Tilt Kit (Without Servo) FPV Nylon Pan & Tilt Kit (Without Servo)
On Arrival
Model: DZD001142
INTRODUCTION :Add a camera, a laser beam emitter, or even a remote cannon on your robots and d..
Ex Tax:300.00DA
FT232 USB to TTL Adapter Cable FT232 USB to TTL Adapter Cable
Out Of Stock
Model: DZD001311
INTRODUCTION :This FT232 USB to TTL Serial Cable features a FT232 conversion chip, which has f..
Ex Tax:700.00DA
Model: DZD002848 Stock: 3
INTRODUCTION This Gravity I/O expansion shield, which is made for LattePanda V1.0&..
Ex Tax:2,200.00DA
Model: DZD002853 Stock: 62
INTRODUCTIONThese wire offers you the best way to connect sensors and actuators to your LattePan..
Ex Tax:150.00DA
Gravity: Analog High Temperature Sensor Gravity: Analog High Temperature Sensor
Out Of Stock
Model: DZD002871
INTRODUCTIONWhat sensor should you use when you need to measure temperature? Most people will th..
Ex Tax:3,500.00DA
Model: DZD001306 Stock: 36
INTRODUCTION :This is a new IIC LCD backpack which supports Gadgeteer interface (IDC10).  I..
Ex Tax:350.00DA
IIC LCD1602(Arduino Compatible) IIC LCD1602(Arduino Compatible)
On Arrival
Model: DZD001144
INTRODUCTIONThis is another great LCD display compatible with Gadgeteer modules from DFRobo..
Ex Tax:1,200.00DA
Model: DZD001438 Stock: 2
INTRODUCTIONThe upgraded Arduino Input Shield includes a two axis mini joystick (with moment switc..
Ex Tax:3,400.00DA
Liquid PH0-14 Value Sensor Module + BNC PH Electrode Probe Liquid PH0-14 Value Sensor Module + BNC PH Electrode Probe
Out Of Stock
Model: DZD004238
Feature:Heating voltage: 5V ±0.2V (AC / DC) Working current: 5-10mA Detectable con..
Ex Tax:6,400.00DA
Metal ball casters Metal ball casters
Out Of Stock
Model: DZD000454
Metal ball caster, 1mm thick steel plate from the machine stamping, it has the capbility t..
Ex Tax:150.00DA
Model: DZD001297 Stock: 42
INTRODUCTION :This cable will supply power to anything that has a MicroUSB port. The cable d..
Ex Tax:450.00DA
MicroUSB Battery Holder (3xAA) MicroUSB Battery Holder (3xAA)
Out Of Stock
Model: DZD001307
INTRODUCTION :This battery holder can hold 3 AA batteries which provides 3.6V rechargeable b..
Ex Tax:350.00DA
Model: DZD001313 Stock: 1
INTRODUCTION :Want more for your MiniQ robot? This add-on is a multi-purpose extension board s..
Ex Tax:4,000.00DA
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