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This model includs a good number of electrical equipment for industrial use, made didactic, will offer its user several achievements. The student will be able to become familiar with the set of equipment actually used in industry and the tertiary sector. The model has a dozen manipulations for learning the wiring of the various lighting circuits and engine start. In addition, the student will be able to learn the basic use of the programmable logic controller.

The model includes:

  • Different types of circuit breakers: unipolar, bipolar, tripolar and tetra polar
  • Different configurations of a contactor with or without timed or dry contact
  • Various components for lighting circuit assembly: SA, DA, switch, switch, remote control, timer, twilight switch and lamps
  • Two position sensors
  • A temperature sensor
  • Magnetothermic relay
  • A set of pushbuttons on, off, warning lamps to control and report the status of the receiver
  • A digital display for measuring voltage (V) and current (A) at any point selected by the user
  • A 220/24 V transformer for control
  • An industrial programmable logic controller that can be associated with all types of electrical installations.

* The model will be delivered with a teacher's manual and a student's manual.

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