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PIR Motion Sensor Switch with DC male and female cable

PIR Motion Sensor Switch with DC male and female cable
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PIR Motion Sensor Switch with DC male and female cable
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A style:

100% brand new and high quality

Material: Plastic and metal

Type: Pir Switch

Easy to install and simple to use

Adjust the light soft and stable, no flickering

Mainly use to control LED light lamps and LED Strip

You can conveniently to let the light auto on/off. The switch can detect human body's infrared , and use infrared to control the load

Users according to actual needs, the human body sensors installed in the appropriate environment

Applications: Incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps, LED lamp, fluorescent lamp and other kinds of loads

Technical Parameters:

Working temperature: -20 to +60  centigrade

Input Voltage: 10.5-16V or 21-32V

Output Voltage: 10.5-16V or 21-32V

Induction distance: 8M

Induction angle: 60 degrees

Output current: <6A

Delay Time: 1-10min(adjustable)

Dimensions: 76 * 45 * 32mm

Direction for use:

    The humen body induction switch is a kind of infrared detection controller ,

adopt infrared detection way to control load switch . Users can according to actual needs ,

installed the humen body sensors in the appropriate environment.

   Connect the load wire at frist ,following by the power wire :

Please ensure short circuit can not occur between connecting wire before you turn on the power :

when detected somebody,the load light will bright ,when people leave time up to the setting of the delay time ,

the load lights will automatically turn off . controller signal output line and input line should be connected correctly.

the left is "OUTPUT 12/24V",it connects led strip ,

the right is "INPUT12/24V",it connects the DC wire and power supply ,

also ,the "+" "-" as the order is "- + + -"from left to right ,

the red wire is "+'',

the black wire is "-''. 


1. lead wire should be connected correctly according to colors that connecting diagram offers.

2.When input voltage 12-24V,controller work normal.

B style:

1.Passive Infrared Sensor

2.Operating Voltage: DC5V ~ 24V

3.Load Current: 5A

4.Delay Time: 5~10 Seconds, adjustable

5.Detecting Range: 120°

6.Detecting Distance: <8M, adjustable

7.Size: 50 * 26 * 21.5mm / 1.96 * 1.02 * 0.84"

8.Trigger Way: Continuous triggering

9.Light Sensor: 10LUX

10.Color: Black


Automatic Induction: When people enter into the range of induction, it will output a voltage equal to input voltage, after the delay time, it will output 0V; during the delay time if motion detected, the delay time will reset, and start a new delay time

During the lighting, every effective human activities will cause delay sensor switch extended a period of time automatically


1.Don’t exposed to direct sun light or lighting, big wind, near a heater or air condition

2.Don’t fix it at a place where there are obstructing material (eg. Glass, dense clothes) which IR cannot get though

3.Don’t fix it in strong shock or vibration environment

4.The PIR Sensor requires a "warm-up time" in order to function properly, about 10s to1min,depend on the delay time; during this time, the signal triggered by the module is not stable, after one minute, it will be ready

5.The sensitivity for left-right direction is better than up-down direction, make sure the installation direction is left-right

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