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42mm rubber tires Out Of Stock

42mm rubber tires

Description : Wheel diameter: 42MM Wheel width: 18.7MM Tire material: Rubber Color: black Cod..

200.00DA Ex Tax: 200.00DA

Chassis 140mm robot 2 motors with encoders Out Of Stock

Chassis 140mm robot 2 motors with encoders

Description : Technical data     3-6V motors     Tire diameter..

3,200.00DA Ex Tax: 3,200.00DA

Devastator Tank Mobile Platform

INTRODUCTION : DFRobot proudly presents Devastator Tank Mobile Platform, our newest robot tra..

19,900.00DA Ex Tax: 19,900.00DA

mall Smart Car Tire 41mm

Description •  Material: Rubber (with slip ring) •  Hole by: 2.95MM •&nb..

150.00DA Ex Tax: 150.00DA

MiniQ 2WD Plus

INTRODUCTION : Want more for your MiniQ robot? This add-on is a multi-purpose extension board..

4,000.00DA Ex Tax: 4,000.00DA

Multi-Chassis - Tank Version On Arrival

Multi-Chassis - Tank Version

This is the Multi-Chassis Tank Kit, an easy to assemble and use robot chassis platform. The Mul..

9,000.00DA Ex Tax: 9,000.00DA

Robot Car Chassis Kit Out Of Stock

Robot Car Chassis Kit

Feature: Smart car chassis tracing car Robot car chassis with code disk Ideal for DIY Mechanical st..

2,500.00DA Ex Tax: 2,500.00DA

Upper Deck for MiniQ

INTRODUCTION :     Time to upgrade! This is a upper deck PCB for the 2WD ..

1,100.00DA Ex Tax: 1,100.00DA

WD Smart Robot Car Chassis Kits with Speed Encoder Out Of Stock

WD Smart Robot Car Chassis Kits with Speed Encoder

4WD Smart Robot Car Chassis Kits for arduino with Speed Encoder Features: 4WD Robot Car Kits For..

4,300.00DA Ex Tax: 4,300.00DA