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12V to 3.3V/5V/12V, DC-DC Voltage Converter Multi-output

DC-DC Voltage Converter Multi-output Power Supply Module 12V to 3.3V/5V/12V Feature: One chann..

350.00DA Ex Tax: 350.00DA

3.3V 5V Breadboard Power Supply Module Out Of Stock

3.3V 5V Breadboard Power Supply Module

Product Name : Breadboard Power Supply Module ;Fit for : MB102 Breadboard Input Voltage : DC 6...

400.00DA Ex Tax: 400.00DA

3.3V Bluetooth Serial Transceiver Module V2 HC-05 On Arrival

3.3V Bluetooth Serial Transceiver Module V2 HC-05

Description Bluetooth serial transceiver module Suitable for Bluetooth adapter, Bluetooth ..

1,400.00DA Ex Tax: 1,400.00DA

8 Channel 3.3V To 5V Voltage Convert Module For Raspberry

Feature: Mutual conversion between 3V and 5V, It's convenient for PI connected to extern 5..

800.00DA Ex Tax: 800.00DA

AC-DC Power Supply Buck Converter Step Down Module 110V/220V TO 3.3V 700mA 2.3W

Product Details:Module Properties: Ultra small,Precision, isolated Switch Power Supply,AC to DC Buck..

700.00DA Ex Tax: 700.00DA

Breadboard Power Supply Module 3.3V, 5V

This is a power module for the standard bread board. Its concave design will not waste your proto zo..

700.00DA Ex Tax: 700.00DA

DC toy motor 3V-6V (dupont wire)

DC toy motor 3V-6V with Male dupont wire 10cm ..

200.00DA Ex Tax: 200.00DA

DC toy motor 3V-6V (XH2 WIRE)

DC toy motor 3V-6V sodered with XH2.54-2P wire 10cm ..

200.00DA Ex Tax: 200.00DA

ESP8266 ESP-01 Adaptor Module 3.3V/5V

Description : Don't send 5 V signals to your ESP8266. The use of an ESP8266 with Arduino requ..

800.00DA Ex Tax: 800.00DA

IIC I2C Logic Level Converter Bi-Directional Module 5V to 3.3V

Description :  Use this module to connect two devices of different digital voltage levels. Fo..

150.00DA Ex Tax: 150.00DA

Logic Level Converter module 3.3V 5V TTL

  Features: 2-channel high-voltage and low-voltage logic logic bidirectional translati..

150.00DA Ex Tax: 150.00DA