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2004A IIC with blue light 5V Out Of Stock

2004A IIC with blue light 5V

Description: The IIC 2004 LCD display module is a 4 line 20 character LCD module not only set the..

1,800.00DA Ex Tax: 1,800.00DA

IIC I2C Logic Level Converter Bi-Directional Module 5V to 3.3V

Description :  Use this module to connect two devices of different digital voltage levels. Fo..

150.00DA Ex Tax: 150.00DA

IIC LCD1602(Arduino Compatible)

INTRODUCTION This is another great LCD display compatible with Gadgeteer modules from DFRobot..

1,000.00DA Ex Tax: 1,000.00DA

PCF8575 IIC I2C I/O Extension Shield Module 16 bit SMBus I/O

Description : The PCF8575C is controlled through an I2C interface and features 16-bits of quas..

1,400.00DA Ex Tax: 1,400.00DA

RTC I2C IIC DS3231SN Real Time Clock Module Out Of Stock

RTC I2C IIC DS3231SN Real Time Clock Module

Description : Can provide for arduino libraries and routines Use DS3231SN precision clock ch..

600.00DA Ex Tax: 600.00DA