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 Solar Power LED Lighting System Kit USB Charger 2 Light Bulb 5w Out Of Stock

Solar Power LED Lighting System Kit USB Charger 2 Light Bulb 5w

Specification: Power source:220-240V 50/60Hz Battery: 12V/7000mAh sealed lead-acid rechargeable ..

7,800.00DA Ex Tax: 7,800.00DA

12V Waterproof Cigarette Lighter Socket

Features:  -With a cover, waterproof and dustproof. -Easy to install - no need to cut out a..

450.00DA Ex Tax: 450.00DA

1602 LCD with yellow light On Arrival

1602 LCD with yellow light

Yellow Backlight 1602 Character LCD Display Module For Arduino Description: LCD display module wit..

600.00DA Ex Tax: 600.00DA

2004 LCD 2004A with blue light

Description : 2004 LCD 2004A with blue light    The module is a low-power consumption..

1,300.00DA Ex Tax: 1,300.00DA

2004 LCD 2004A with yellow light

Description: The 2004A character LCD module is designed to display letters, numbers, symbols, dot m..

1,400.00DA Ex Tax: 1,400.00DA

2004A IIC with blue light 5V Out Of Stock

2004A IIC with blue light 5V

Description: The IIC 2004 LCD display module is a 4 line 20 character LCD module not only set the..

1,800.00DA Ex Tax: 1,800.00DA

3 in1 Plant Flowers Soil PH Tester Moisture Light Meter

Features: 3 functions in one compact meter-measure the moisture and pH content of the soil and..

2,000.00DA Ex Tax: 2,000.00DA

300pcs 3mm 5mm LED Light Assorted Kit DIY

Description : 3mm : 40pcs yellow          40pcs green..

1,300.00DA Ex Tax: 1,300.00DA

6 Channel Relay Module with light coupling 5V

Description : 6 relay output modules, relay output contacts Maximum 250A 10A. Input IN1, IN2, IN3..

1,400.00DA Ex Tax: 1,400.00DA

APM 2.8 Multicopter Flight Controller

Description: APM 2.8 Multicopter Flight Controller   This version eliminates the ..

11,000.00DA Ex Tax: 11,000.00DA

Blue Backlight 1602A LCD Module

Details : This standard blue backlight HD44780 LCD is great for your arduino projects. It support..

700.00DA Ex Tax: 700.00DA

Digital Light Intensity Sensor Module Out Of Stock

Digital Light Intensity Sensor Module

Feature: 1, using the sensitive type photosensitive resistance sensor 2, the comparator output..

250.00DA Ex Tax: 250.00DA

GL5516 Light Dependent Resistor LDR 5MM

Description : Photosensitive resistance is the resistance of a semiconductor material, the conduc..

50.00DA Ex Tax: 50.00DA

Led uv lights professional  36W UV Backorder

Led uv lights professional 36W UV

Specifications:   Model SS-36W ( uv gel nail curing lamp )Input Voltage AC 220-2..

2,900.00DA Ex Tax: 2,900.00DA

Light Sensor Brick On Arrival

Light Sensor Brick

Electronic brick of light sensor is mainly used to detect the light intensity in the environment. Th..

300.00DA Ex Tax: 300.00DA

Magic Light Cup Sensor Out Of Stock

Magic Light Cup Sensor

Description :Magic Light Cup modules are easy to Interactive Technology Division developed a can and..

250.00DA Ex Tax: 250.00DA

MG16126 12X Helping Hand portable LED Magnifier with Light, Soldering

Practical & Versatile Helping Hand LED Light Magnifier with Soldering Stand It\'s 100% br..

1,300.00DA Ex Tax: 1,300.00DA

Power & Reset Switch With LED Light 50CM

Description : This long power cable has two switches. One for power and one for reset. It also fe..

300.00DA Ex Tax: 300.00DA

QQ SUPER Flight Controller For Quadcopter Multi-rotor

QQ Super Multi-rotor Flight Control Board Built in 3 Axis Gyro super stable flight for 250/330/450/5..

6,000.00DA Ex Tax: 6,000.00DA

Slampher: WiFi 433MHz RF Wireless Light Socket On Arrival

Slampher: WiFi 433MHz RF Wireless Light Socket

Slampher: WiFi 433MHz RF Wireless Light Holder For Smart Home     Description : Slam..

2,500.00DA Ex Tax: 2,500.00DA

Sonoff T1 EU: 2 Gang WiFi RF Smart Wall Touch Light Switch

Overview The Sonoff T1 EU Smart Wall Touch Switch series are 1-2 gang touch/App/ RF control luxur..

7,000.00DA Ex Tax: 7,000.00DA

Sonoff Touch - Luxury Glass Panel Touch LED Light Switch

Description :The Sonoff Touch smart wall switch is a 1 gang touch control luxury crystal glass panel..

6,000.00DA Ex Tax: 6,000.00DA

Test Bench << traffic light >> Backorder

Test Bench << traffic light >>

This model of red lights is associated with the didactic API is an effective solution for basic lea..

79,900.00DA Ex Tax: 79,900.00DA

TH-7023  Magnifier With Light Out Of Stock

TH-7023 Magnifier With Light

TH-7023 Professional Industrial Desktop Magnifier With Light For movable workbench welding&nbs..

2,700.00DA Ex Tax: 2,700.00DA

Voice-type Sound and Light Explosive Gas Detector Alarm

Description : 1. LED display shows gas level (PPM).  2. 110-240V 50/60Hz AC wide range of o..

3,900.00DA Ex Tax: 3,900.00DA