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1/4W 1% Resistor

Description : 1K,10K, 100K, 220R, 330R,1M,4.7K,47K,470K . ..

5.00DA Ex Tax: 5.00DA

Force Sensitive Resistor 0.5"

INTRODUCTION This is a force sensitive resistor with a round, 0.5" diameter, sensing area...

2,100.00DA Ex Tax: 2,100.00DA

GL5516 Light Dependent Resistor LDR 5MM

Description : Photosensitive resistance is the resistance of a semiconductor material, the conduc..

50.00DA Ex Tax: 50.00DA

Resistance 1/4W 200pcs Out Of Stock

Resistance 1/4W 200pcs

1206 3216 SMD chip Resistors 64 Value kit 1Ω~ 10MΩ 5% 640pcs Description   ..

3,000.00DA Ex Tax: 3,000.00DA

Resistor 1/4W

51 kinds common values of 1/4W Metal Film Resistor are availible including : 10Ω、22&Om..

5.00DA Ex Tax: 5.00DA