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Hot air soldering station 852 Out Of Stock

Hot air soldering station 852

The ideal welding station. The unit for any laboratory or workshop. This is a high-tech hot air stat..

8,800.00DA Ex Tax: 8,800.00DA

Proskit SS-989H, SMD Hot Air Soldering Rework Station

features 2 in 1 rework station for great savings on antistatic soldering iron and hot air d..

18,500.00DA Ex Tax: 18,500.00DA

PROSKIT SS207B Digital Temperature Controlled Soldering Station

Description : Comply with CE, ESD safe certification.. Adjustable temperature control with lock/..

10,600.00DA Ex Tax: 10,600.00DA

AT936b Soldering Station Handle On Arrival

AT936b Soldering Station Handle

AT936b Soldering Station Handle This is AT936b Soldering Station Handle. It has seven handle interf..

500.00DA Ex Tax: 500.00DA

Kada 936 Soldering Station

Description : Kada 936 Soldering Station. Kada 936 Soldering Station with adjustable heat (200..

4,200.00DA Ex Tax: 4,200.00DA

Soldering Station 24V 50W

CHARACTERISTICS:  - Station soldering iron  - 5-pin male connector;  - Anti-static..

1,200.00DA Ex Tax: 1,200.00DA

Station de soudage ZD-8906 48W Out Of Stock

Station de soudage ZD-8906 48W

Description : Station de soudage ZD-8906 est la station ZD-99 , qui est devenu un cl..

2,500.00DA Ex Tax: 2,500.00DA

Station de soudage ZD-927 8W Out Of Stock

Station de soudage ZD-927 8W

Description : Station de soudage ZD-927 est largement connu pour sa compacité et sa facilit..

2,300.00DA Ex Tax: 2,300.00DA

Station Hot air gun soldering  KADA 852AD  Out Of Stock

Station Hot air gun soldering KADA 852AD

Spceifications: 1.Power supply :AC 220V/50HZ Iron pen: Power consume: 40W Bound of temperature:200C-..

10,000.00DA Ex Tax: 10,000.00DA

Weather Station with Anemometer/Wind Vane/Rain Bucket

INTRODUCTION : Ever want to build your own weather station? This weather station kit includes..

38,000.00DA Ex Tax: 38,000.00DA