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Ball Tilt Switch Module

Description This ball tilt switch module can detect when it is tilted. It works because a ball fl..

250.00DA Ex Tax: 250.00DA

DF15RMG Tilt Kit (20kg) On Arrival

DF15RMG Tilt Kit (20kg)

INTRODUCTION : This is a most powerful standard servo motor from DFRobot so far. A servomotor is ..

5,500.00DA Ex Tax: 5,500.00DA

FPV Nylon Pan & Tilt Kit (Without Servo)

INTRODUCTION : Add a camera, a laser beam emitter, or even a remote cannon on your robots and d..

400.00DA Ex Tax: 400.00DA

Pan and Tilt Kit (Black Anodized) (no servos)

INTRODUCTION : Pan and Tilt assembly for horizontal surface mount. Made using two DFRobot ser..

1,300.00DA Ex Tax: 1,300.00DA

Tilt Sensor/Switch Brick On Arrival

Tilt Sensor/Switch Brick

Electronic brick of tilt switch can be connected to analog I/O port and used in tilt sensor for smar..

300.00DA Ex Tax: 300.00DA