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Model: DZD005297 Stock: 1
· Liquid Cooling Support(Fans are Optional)    FRONT: 24/28/36 CM TOP: 24CM ..
Ex Tax:24,500.00DA
Model: DZD005233 Stock: 1
2.4 G Wireless Controller Game pad bit/ 8 bit HD tv Video Game Console. double hanheld ,support simu..
Ex Tax:8,500.00DA
Model: DZD005293 Stock: 1
· Liquid Cooling Support(Fans are Optional)    FRONT:24cm · Fans Su..
Ex Tax:11,800.00DA
Model: DZD005234 Stock: 2
Features:Number of buttons: 12 Analog sticks: 2 Vibration Feedback Interface: USB 2.0 PnP Ca..
Ex Tax:2,900.00DA
Model: DZD005296 Stock: 1
· D3 (Black)· Liquid Cooling Support(Fans are Optional)  TOP:24cm&mi..
Ex Tax:15,000.00DA
Model: DZD005294 Stock: 1
· 230mm Wide Body· Metal Mesh Cover Panel· E-ATX Support· Re..
Ex Tax:21,900.00DA
Model: DZD005269 Stock: 1
 GPU Engine Specs:CUDA Cores 4864 Boost Clock (MHz) 1665 1-Click OC Clock (MHz) ..
Ex Tax:91,500.00DA
Model: DZD005270 Stock: 1
Model AX-GT610/2GD3P4CDIL Reference Axle : AX-GT610/2GD3P4CDIL Type : Graphics card Reference ..
Ex Tax:13,500.00DA
Model: DZD005235 Stock: 2
Features : -Wireless gamepad with built-in battery -2 working modes: gamepad (Android and PC), mou..
Ex Tax:4,300.00DA
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