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ICopy X100-RFID Copier

ICopy X100-RFID Copier
ICopy X100-RFID Copier
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ICopy X100-RFID Copier
ICopy X100-RFID Copier
ICopy X100-RFID Copier
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Product Description:

New iCopy Handheld Key Machine with Full Decode Function RFID NFC Smart Card Key Machine IC/ID Copier Reader/Writer Duplicator

2022 version Newest Icopy X100, support full-band ID copy, IC encryption card, with its own decoding, and can be directly configured with various access control cards and smart cards

Support read and write frequency: 125khz, 250khz, 375khz, 500khz, etc. 13.56Mhz, and supports hidden proximity card (card-125Khz HID). Compatible with all blank cards, universal in the whole market

Product parameters:

Working frequency: 125KHz / 13.56MHz

Smart card support: for 125KHz ID type: EM4100, TK4100, 5200, EM4305, T5577, 8265 8268,8678 ,8310, etc.

For 13.56MHz IC type: UID FUID CUID UFUID IC half encryption, IC full encryption, etc.

Use 4 AAA batteries, standard portable, easy to carry

Standalone nfc simulation function:

Let mobile phones, bracelets and other devices with nfc function simulate encrypted IC cards with one key, and easily realize the card-free card when exiting. Currently, it only supports Android and Hongmeng connected mobile apps.

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