Alarm system

Alarm system
Alarm system
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2-channel receiver 12V R2C

Description :The réepteur R2C radio is based on a rolling code technology. and was designed..

4,800.00DA Ex Tax: 4,800.00DA

Alarm Cable 3 pairs 1 meter

Description :3 Alarm Cable 100m pairs - Cable flexible alarm.Characteristics :-6 Son. -Diamete..

50.00DA Ex Tax: 50.00DA

EI208W Autonomous CO Gas Detector Out Of Stock

EI208W Autonomous CO Gas Detector

Description :It is used for the detection of CO gas and to prevent in a timely manner against dang..

6,400.00DA Ex Tax: 6,400.00DA


Specification:Power supply DC 12V 500mA Rechargeable battery 3.7V 1200mAh 18650 Lithium batter..

12,000.00DA Ex Tax: 12,000.00DA

GSM/SMS/RFID Touch Alarm System G5

Midas TouchA proud winner of the 2013 IFSEC & FIREX Awards, the G5 is the epitome of aesthetic..

33,800.00DA Ex Tax: 33,800.00DA

Magnetic contact armored rectangular metal 31x14x9mm Out Of Stock

Magnetic contact armored rectangular metal 31x14x9mm

Description :Magnetic contact armored rectangular metal for wall mounting, 2-wire cable, tamper, I..

750.00DA Ex Tax: 750.00DA

Smoke detector ABUS RM 10 Out Of Stock

Smoke detector ABUS RM 10

ABUS RM10 Smoke Detector, battery operatedStrong pointsAlarm volume: 85 dB at 3 m distance Wa..

2,100.00DA Ex Tax: 2,100.00DA

SMS GSM Touch Alarm System Chuango O2 with App Control

Description :GSM Alarm System CHUANGO O2 with Control App BASIC PACKAGEThe O2 alarm is the new m..

26,700.00DA Ex Tax: 26,700.00DA

Wizmart Natural Gas Detector

Description :Protect your home, second home, mobile home or boat from natural gas leaks with the W..

6,600.00DA Ex Tax: 6,600.00DA