Compatible with Arduino®

Compatible with Arduino®


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Motor Control Shield (L293D Motor Driver) Out Of Stock

Motor Control Shield (L293D Motor Driver)

Adafruit Compatible Motor Control Shield (L293D Motor Driver) L293D is a monolithic integrated, h..

1,100.00DA Ex Tax: 1,100.00DA

NodeMcu Lua - Wifi module Wi-Fi serial module w / built-in CH340G IC driver Out Of Stock

NodeMcu Lua - Wifi module Wi-Fi serial module w / built-in CH340G IC driver

Description : Here are the few benefits of the 2.4G wifi development board based on ESP-12E and C..

2,000.00DA Ex Tax: 2,000.00DA

Prototyping Shield For Arduino® UNO

Product Description This is is a prototyping shield for the Arduino UNO micro-controller.  I..

500.00DA Ex Tax: 500.00DA

Romeo V2-All in one Controller

RoMeo V2 [R3] is an All-in-One Arduino compatible microcontroller especially designed for robotics..

6,700.00DA Ex Tax: 6,700.00DA

XBEE, RS485, IO Shield For Arduino®

Our IO expansion board is evolving, this latest V5 IO expansion shield is now supporting Xbee. ..

1,600.00DA Ex Tax: 1,600.00DA

 Arduino® ETHERNET SHIELD 2 Out Of Stock


Description The Arduino Ethernet Shield 2 allows an Arduino Board to connect to the internet. I..

5,000.00DA Ex Tax: 5,000.00DA

RAMPS 1.4 RepRapp Arduino Mega Pololu Shield For 3D printer & CNC

Description: It is designed to fit the entire electronics needed for a RepRap in one small packag..

1,600.00DA Ex Tax: 1,600.00DA

1602 LCD Shield (Arduino Compatible)

This is a very popular LCD Keypad shield for Arduino board. It can be directly plug onto the Arudino..

1,200.00DA Ex Tax: 1,200.00DA

2 Channels Relays and 2 Channels MOS Switch Shield

Overview IS Shield with 2 channels mechanical relays and 2 channels MOS switch, providing an easy..

2,500.00DA Ex Tax: 2,500.00DA

2.8" TFT LCD Touch Display Shield With SD Card

Overveiw Arduino 2.8" TFT LCD Touch shield is an Arduino UNO/ Mega compatible multicolored T..

3,800.00DA Ex Tax: 3,800.00DA

Arduino Mega 2560 R3 (Compatible)

Arduino is an open-source physical computing platform based on a simple i/o board and a development ..

3,500.00DA Ex Tax: 3,500.00DA

Arduino Mega Enclosure

Description : The Arduino Mega 2560 R3 is a very big and powerful microcontroller,needless to say, ..

1,300.00DA Ex Tax: 1,300.00DA

Arduino UNO Rev3-DIP (Compatible)

This is the new Arduino Uno R3. In addition to all the features of the previous board, the Uno now u..

2,200.00DA Ex Tax: 2,200.00DA

Bees Shield

INTRODUCTION : Have you ever been in a situation where you need two communication methods for..

1,800.00DA Ex Tax: 1,800.00DA

CAN BUS Shield For Arduino®

Introduction Designed specially for Arduino UNO with STM32 Integrates an MCP2515 CAN-BUS chi..

5,400.00DA Ex Tax: 5,400.00DA

CNC & 3DP A4988 Shield For Arduino® Out Of Stock

CNC & 3DP A4988 Shield For Arduino®

Descripton : 100% brand new and high quality This expansion board as a driver expansion board,..

1,400.00DA Ex Tax: 1,400.00DA

CNC shield v4 for Arduino Nano

Feature: This expansion board as a driver expansion board, can be used for engraving machines, 3D..

2,000.00DA Ex Tax: 2,000.00DA

DFR RS485 Shield On Arrival

DFR RS485 Shield

INTRODUCTION RS485 is an industrial standard for long dsitance, anti-interferrence and..

1,800.00DA Ex Tax: 1,800.00DA

ENC28J60 Ethernet Shield for Arduino Nano 3.0

Nano ENC28J60 Ethernet Shield for Arduino Nano 3.0 RJ45 Webserver Module TE317 Features: &n..

2,400.00DA Ex Tax: 2,400.00DA

Ethernet W5100 For Arduino® Out Of Stock

Ethernet W5100 For Arduino®

Description : •  With this Ethernet Shield, on for Arduino board can be used to connect..

2,800.00DA Ex Tax: 2,800.00DA

Flyduino-A 12 Servo Controller with xbee ( Arduino Compatible )

This is probably the smallest Arduino controller speically designed for controlling servos.  It..

3,800.00DA Ex Tax: 3,800.00DA

GBoard (GSM/GPRS )

Gboard is a unique Arduino board which features a SIM900 GSM/GPRS module, an XBee socket, nRF24L01+ ..

12,500.00DA Ex Tax: 12,500.00DA

IBridge Lite, 4x4 Keypad

IBridge is a 4X4 key-pad shield with a 5110 Graphic LCD interface.You can plug it on Arduino boards ..

1,000.00DA Ex Tax: 1,000.00DA

ITEAD Bluetooth Shield (Master Slave) On Arrival

ITEAD Bluetooth Shield (Master Slave)

The Bluetooth Shield integrates a Serial Bluetooth module. It can be easily used with Arduino/Iteadu..

2,900.00DA Ex Tax: 2,900.00DA

ITEAD Stackable SD Card shield (Arduino Compatible)

The SD card shield adds storage to your Arduino project. It supports SD, SDHC, or MicroSD TF cards.&..

900.00DA Ex Tax: 900.00DA

ITEAD Xbee Shield Module On Arrival

ITEAD Xbee Shield Module

Description : The XBee Shield simplifies the task of interfacing an XBee with your Arduino. This ..

1,200.00DA Ex Tax: 1,200.00DA

Iteaduino Nano (Arduino Compatible) On Arrival

Iteaduino Nano (Arduino Compatible)

The Iteaduino Nano is a small, complete, and breadboard-friendly board based on the Adruino Nano 3.0..

2,500.00DA Ex Tax: 2,500.00DA

Iteaduino Nano IO shield (Arduino Compatible)

Nano IO shield is a breakout board for Arduino Nano. It breaks out all pins as Electronic brick 3pin..

1,200.00DA Ex Tax: 1,200.00DA

Iteaduino Tiny (Arduino Compatible)

Iteaduino Tiny is a mini development board based on Attiny85 master, which is cheap, compact and eas..

900.00DA Ex Tax: 900.00DA

LED Keypad Shield For Arduino

INTRODUCTION : The LED Keypad Shield is an Arduino expansion shield with a 4 digit 8 segment ..

1,600.00DA Ex Tax: 1,600.00DA

Leonardo Pro Micro Out Of Stock

Leonardo Pro Micro

Features: The Pro Micro is similar to the Pro Mini except with an ATmega32U4 on board. The US..

1,800.00DA Ex Tax: 1,800.00DA

LilyPad Arduino 328 Main Board

This is LilyPad Arduino - the main board consisting of an ATmega328 with the Arduino bootloader and ..

1,400.00DA Ex Tax: 1,400.00DA

LilyPad ATtiny85 Development Board

Description : 8K Byte of In-System Programmable Program Memory Flash 512 Bytes In-System Pro..

1,250.00DA Ex Tax: 1,250.00DA

LilyPad USB ATmega32U4 Development Board

Feature: A microcontroller board based on the ATmega32u4 9 digital input/output pins (of whi..

2,500.00DA Ex Tax: 2,500.00DA

MBOARD, Wireless Motor Driver

The MBoard is a unique Arduino board which features a L298P motor driver, an XBee socket, nRF24L01+ ..

4,000.00DA Ex Tax: 4,000.00DA

Mega Sensor Shield (Arduino Compatible)

Arduino Sensor Shield V4.0 allows you to connect to various modules like sensors, servos, relays, bu..

1,500.00DA Ex Tax: 1,500.00DA

Mini Rboard ATMega328P Development Board For Arduino On Arrival

Mini Rboard ATMega328P Development Board For Arduino

Description : Mini RBoard is an Arduino compatible mainboard, which is equipped with a relay, a n..

2,100.00DA Ex Tax: 2,100.00DA

MiniQ 2WD Plus

INTRODUCTION : Want more for your MiniQ robot? This add-on is a multi-purpose extension board..

4,000.00DA Ex Tax: 4,000.00DA

MotoMama, Motor driver

MotoMama is a Arduino shield based on L298N H-bridge driver chip. You can use this shield to drive ..

2,200.00DA Ex Tax: 2,200.00DA

MP3 Shield for arduino VS1053 module

Feature •  Can play a variety of music formats, support for OGG encoding real-time record..

2,300.00DA Ex Tax: 2,300.00DA

Multi-function shield Out Of Stock

Multi-function shield

Description : This Arduino UNO R3, Leonardo and MEGA2560 compatible multi-function prototype expe..

1,200.00DA Ex Tax: 1,200.00DA

Nano Shield Compatible with Arduino® Nano

Description : AREF Output: 3.3V Expand all 6 PWM pins Expans I2C pins Compatible only wi..

700.00DA Ex Tax: 700.00DA

Nano V3.0 FT232 Chip with Mini USB Cable (Compatible)

Technical parameters of Nano Arduino: Arduino Nano is a Simple ultra small i/o platform based and..

2,300.00DA Ex Tax: 2,300.00DA

On-Board AC-DC Power Supply Module With Xbee Nrf24l01 Interface For Arduino

Description : With an on-board AC-DC module, Arduino IoTgo shield can transfer AC 85~260V to DC 5..

2,400.00DA Ex Tax: 2,400.00DA

Original Arduino® Proto Shield Rev3 (assembled)

Description: Arduino 1.0 pinout Large 0.1" prototyping area Reset button 14-pin SMD..

2,200.00DA Ex Tax: 2,200.00DA

Particle Photon, Module Wifi IOT Out Of Stock

Particle Photon, Module Wifi IOT

Photon Datasheet (v011) Model number: PHOTONH void setup() { Spark.publish("my-event&q..

5,600.00DA Ex Tax: 5,600.00DA

Pro Micro 5V 16M Mini Leonardo (compatible)

Description: This microcontroller development board has 4 channel 10 bit ADC, 5 PWM pins, 12 DIO,..

2,200.00DA Ex Tax: 2,200.00DA

Proto Screw Shield (Arduino Compatible) On Arrival

Proto Screw Shield (Arduino Compatible)

The Arduino Proto Screw Shield extends all pins of the Arduino out to 3.5mm pitch screw terminals. I..

900.00DA Ex Tax: 900.00DA

RBOARD (Relay Board)

RBOARD, Wirless 4 releys control board Rboard is a unique Arduino board which features 4 channels i..

4,900.00DA Ex Tax: 4,900.00DA

Relay Shield for Particle v3.1 Out Of Stock

Relay Shield for Particle v3.1

Description : With your Core / Photon, you can already easily interact with your environment. The n..

6,000.00DA Ex Tax: 6,000.00DA

RS232 Shield For Arduino Out Of Stock

RS232 Shield For Arduino

This RS232 shield is designed for the Arduino controller,and it can easily convert UART to RS232 int..

2,000.00DA Ex Tax: 2,000.00DA

Sensor Module Kit 37 in 1

Description:   On the basic of 37 in 1 kit, adds more practical modules to achieve more exp..

6,000.00DA Ex Tax: 6,000.00DA

Sensor Shield V4 Module for arduino Duemilanove UNO Mega2560 ATMEL

Description: Arduino Sensor Shield V4.0 allows you to connect to various modules like sensor..

800.00DA Ex Tax: 800.00DA

Sensor Shield V5 For Arduino®

Features :   Ready to  plug & play. It can connect to various modules like sen..

1,000.00DA Ex Tax: 1,000.00DA

Shield - MEGA Proto KIT Rev3

Description : Base kit to extend your Arduino MEGA with your own wired circuit. The kit i..

2,000.00DA Ex Tax: 2,000.00DA

Shield - Proto KIT Rev3

Specifications : Manufacturer ARDUINO Type of accessories for develo..

1,800.00DA Ex Tax: 1,800.00DA

Starter kit Compatible With Arduino®

Arduino starter kit  Content listing 1.UNO R3 Board x 1 ..

7,000.00DA Ex Tax: 7,000.00DA

TFT LCD screen 3.5 " for Arduino Out Of Stock

TFT LCD screen 3.5 " for Arduino

Description: Support Arduino UNO and Arduino Mega2560 and other development board DIP, Without an..

3,500.00DA Ex Tax: 3,500.00DA

USB Host Shield (Arduino Compatible)

The USB Host Shield contains all of the digital logic and analog circuitry necessary to implement a ..

5,200.00DA Ex Tax: 5,200.00DA

Veyron Servo Driver (24 Channel) On Arrival

Veyron Servo Driver (24 Channel)

INTRODUCTION : Veyron Servo Driver (24-Channel) is a multiple servo controller, especially design..

6,200.00DA Ex Tax: 6,200.00DA

VGA CMOS Camera Module Lens CMOS 640X480 SCCB W/ I2C On Arrival

VGA CMOS Camera Module Lens CMOS 640X480 SCCB W/ I2C

Key Features A small size, low voltage, providing single-chip VGA camera and image proces..

3,000.00DA Ex Tax: 3,000.00DA

W5100 Ethernet Shield V1.1 On Arrival

W5100 Ethernet Shield V1.1

Description : W5100 Ethernet shield V1.1 is a WIZnet W5100 breakout board with POE and Mi..

3,100.00DA Ex Tax: 3,100.00DA

Xbee & Sensor Shield (Arduino Compatible)

Arduino sensor shield is specifically designed for Arduino board to connect to various types of elec..

1,100.00DA Ex Tax: 1,100.00DA

Xbee expansion board V03 compatible with Bluetooh Bee module

Features: This shield V03 can achieve a simple two crunodal ZigBee network, achieve wireless c..

1,500.00DA Ex Tax: 1,500.00DA

Xbee Shield for Arduino Out Of Stock

Xbee Shield for Arduino

The XBee Expansion Board is a compliant solution designed to meet low-cost, low-power wireles..

1,600.00DA Ex Tax: 1,600.00DA

Xboard, Ethernet Relay

Description • Allows easy control through internet • Build-in Xbee socket and 2 Re..

6,800.00DA Ex Tax: 6,800.00DA

Arduino DUE ( Compatible)

Overview The Iteaduino DUE is a microcontroller board based on the Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Crotex-M3 co..

6,000.00DA Ex Tax: 6,000.00DA