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Boards Compatible With Arduino®

Arduino Compatible

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NodeMcu Lua - Wifi module Wi-Fi serial module w / built-in CH340G IC driver

Description : Here are the few benefits of the 2.4G wifi development board based on ESP-12E and C..

2,000.00DA Ex Tax: 2,000.00DA

Romeo V2-All in one Controller

RoMeo V2 [R3] is an All-in-One Arduino compatible microcontroller especially designed for robotics..

6,700.00DA Ex Tax: 6,700.00DA

D1 Mini NodeMcu Lua WIFI ESP8266 Development Board

Description:   The D1 mini is a mini wifi board based on ESP-8266EX. 11 digital input/..

1,500.00DA Ex Tax: 1,500.00DA

Flyduino-A 12 Servo Controller with xbee ( Arduino Compatible )

This is probably the smallest Arduino controller speically designed for controlling servos.  It..

3,800.00DA Ex Tax: 3,800.00DA

GBoard (GSM/GPRS )

Gboard is a unique Arduino board which features a SIM900 GSM/GPRS module, an XBee socket, nRF24L01+ ..

12,500.00DA Ex Tax: 12,500.00DA

Iteaduino Nano (Arduino Compatible) On Arrival

Iteaduino Nano (Arduino Compatible)

The Iteaduino Nano is a small, complete, and breadboard-friendly board based on the Adruino Nano 3.0..

2,500.00DA Ex Tax: 2,500.00DA

Iteaduino Tiny (Arduino Compatible)

Iteaduino Tiny is a mini development board based on Attiny85 master, which is cheap, compact and eas..

900.00DA Ex Tax: 900.00DA

Leonardo Pro Micro Out Of Stock

Leonardo Pro Micro

Features: The Pro Micro is similar to the Pro Mini except with an ATmega32U4 on board. The US..

1,800.00DA Ex Tax: 1,800.00DA

LilyPad Arduino 328 Main Board

This is LilyPad Arduino - the main board consisting of an ATmega328 with the Arduino bootloader and ..

1,400.00DA Ex Tax: 1,400.00DA

LilyPad ATtiny85 Development Board

Description : 8K Byte of In-System Programmable Program Memory Flash 512 Bytes In-System Pro..

1,250.00DA Ex Tax: 1,250.00DA

LilyPad USB ATmega32U4 Development Board

Feature: A microcontroller board based on the ATmega32u4 9 digital input/output pins (of whi..

2,500.00DA Ex Tax: 2,500.00DA

MBOARD, Wireless Motor Driver

The MBoard is a unique Arduino board which features a L298P motor driver, an XBee socket, nRF24L01+ ..

4,000.00DA Ex Tax: 4,000.00DA

Mini Rboard ATMega328P Development Board For Arduino On Arrival

Mini Rboard ATMega328P Development Board For Arduino

Description : Mini RBoard is an Arduino compatible mainboard, which is equipped with a relay, a n..

2,100.00DA Ex Tax: 2,100.00DA

MiniQ 2WD Plus

INTRODUCTION : Want more for your MiniQ robot? This add-on is a multi-purpose extension board..

4,000.00DA Ex Tax: 4,000.00DA

Nano V3.0 FT232 Chip with Mini USB Cable (Compatible)

Technical parameters of Nano Arduino: Arduino Nano is a Simple ultra small i/o platform based and..

2,300.00DA Ex Tax: 2,300.00DA

New WeMos D1 R2 V2.1.0 WiFi Uno Based ESP8266 Out Of Stock

New WeMos D1 R2 V2.1.0 WiFi Uno Based ESP8266

Description: Based on the ESP-8266EX. Arduino Compatible, you can use it on Arduino IDE. No..

2,700.00DA Ex Tax: 2,700.00DA

Particle Photon, Module Wifi IOT Out Of Stock

Particle Photon, Module Wifi IOT

Photon Datasheet (v011) Model number: PHOTONH void setup() { Spark.publish("my-event&q..

5,600.00DA Ex Tax: 5,600.00DA

Pro Micro 5V 16M Mini Leonardo (compatible)

Description: This microcontroller development board has 4 channel 10 bit ADC, 5 PWM pins, 12 DIO,..

2,200.00DA Ex Tax: 2,200.00DA

Proto Screw Shield (Arduino Compatible) On Arrival

Proto Screw Shield (Arduino Compatible)

The Arduino Proto Screw Shield extends all pins of the Arduino out to 3.5mm pitch screw terminals. I..

900.00DA Ex Tax: 900.00DA

RBOARD (Relay Board)

RBOARD, Wirless 4 releys control board Rboard is a unique Arduino board which features 4 channels i..

4,900.00DA Ex Tax: 4,900.00DA

Relay Shield for Particle v3.1 Out Of Stock

Relay Shield for Particle v3.1

Description : With your Core / Photon, you can already easily interact with your environment. The n..

6,000.00DA Ex Tax: 6,000.00DA

Veyron Servo Driver (24 Channel) On Arrival

Veyron Servo Driver (24 Channel)

INTRODUCTION : Veyron Servo Driver (24-Channel) is a multiple servo controller, especially design..

6,200.00DA Ex Tax: 6,200.00DA

Xboard, Ethernet Relay

Description • Allows easy control through internet • Build-in Xbee socket and 2 Relays ..

6,800.00DA Ex Tax: 6,800.00DA