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7-Segment Display - LED 0.5 inch common cathode

Your basic 7-segment LED. Common anode. Two decimal points, but only the one on the right is wired. ..

50.00DA Ex Tax: 50.00DA

Arduino Expansion Shield for Raspberry Pi

INTRODUCTION : What's the difference between Pi and Arduino? We all know Raspberry Pi is a m..

4,900.00DA Ex Tax: 4,900.00DA

ARPI600 Expansion board For Raspberry

Overview : Arduino is a massive ecosystem, if there's a way for the Raspberry Pi GPIO interfa..

9,000.00DA Ex Tax: 9,000.00DA

Raspberry Pi 20pin Connector Screw Prototype Board

Description : Raspberry PI Screws Prototype Add-on V2.0 extends all pins of Raspberry Pi 2 Model B ..

1,250.00DA Ex Tax: 1,250.00DA

Raspberry Pi Character LCM LCD1602 Add-On Display Module V2.0

Description : Raspberry PI LCD1602 Add-on is customized for Raspberry Pi interfaces based on ..

2,100.00DA Ex Tax: 2,100.00DA

Raspberry Pi LCD - 7" Touchscreen On Arrival

Raspberry Pi LCD - 7" Touchscreen

Description:  This 7" Raspberry Pi Touchscreen LCD provides you with the ability to cre..

16,400.00DA Ex Tax: 16,400.00DA

Raspberry PI SIM900 GSM/GPRS Add-On V1.0

Description : Raspberry PI GSM Add-on V1.0 is customized for Raspberry Pi interface based on SIM9..

9,000.00DA Ex Tax: 9,000.00DA

Raspberry Pi To Arduino Connector Shield Add-On V2.0

Description : Compared to Arduino, it's hard to find shields and electronic brick that cu..

1,200.00DA Ex Tax: 1,200.00DA

TDA7498 Class D 2X100W Dual Channel Audio Stereo Digital Amplifier

Description: High-Power Class D digital amplifier Operating voltage: 15 ~ 34VDC Efficiency: 90%..

3,700.00DA Ex Tax: 3,700.00DA