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Diode Ziner 1/4W 50 pcs Out Of Stock

Diode Ziner 1/4W 50 pcs

Big universal plastic box. Functional features Suitable for Eclipse Zone 8 PS, Eclipse P..

1,000.00DA Ex Tax: 1,000.00DA

Diode Ziner 1W 30 pcs Out Of Stock

Diode Ziner 1W 30 pcs

Proximity cards and tags for operation with proximity card readers Eclipse PR, Eclipse LED32 PR, Ec..

350.00DA Ex Tax: 350.00DA

200pcs TO-92 Transistor Assorted Kit

Brand New and High Quality
Convenient for DIY and repair equipment and electrical applianc..

1,500.00DA Ex Tax: 1,500.00DA

30ETH06 Rectifier Diode Out Of Stock

30ETH06 Rectifier Diode

Specifications : Manufacturer: Vishay   Product Category: Rectifier..

220.00DA Ex Tax: 220.00DA

50SQ100 SCHOTTKY DIODE 100V 5A Out Of Stock


50SQ100 Desciption Part NO. 50SQ100 Package DO-204AR Descr..

65.00DA Ex Tax: 65.00DA

BCP53T1 DIODE SMD Out Of Stock
BJT Transistors - NPN BC547, PNP BC557 On Arrival

BJT Transistors - NPN BC547, PNP BC557

These are high quality BJT NPN BC547 and PNP BC557 transistors,  made by ST Micro. Included : ..

60.00DA Ex Tax: 60.00DA

DIODE EPG30G Out Of Stock
Diode Rectifier - 1A 50V On Arrival

Diode Rectifier - 1A 50V

This is a simple, very common rectifier diode. Often used for reverse voltage protection, the 1N4001..

10.00DA Ex Tax: 10.00DA

Diode Rectifier BA157,BA158 Out Of Stock

Diode Rectifier BA157,BA158

Specifications electronic component BA157,BA158 1.600V 1.0A DO-41 switching 3.low leakage hi..

15.00DA Ex Tax: 15.00DA

DIODE RK44 Out Of Stock


Description : Category Discrete Semiconductor Products Family D..

60.00DA Ex Tax: 60.00DA

Diode Schosttky BAT42,BAT85 Out Of Stock

Diode Schosttky BAT42,BAT85

Description : Diode Schottky de type Faible puissance BAT85 et BAT42 This is diode Schottky appr&eac..

20.00DA Ex Tax: 20.00DA

Diode Small Signal - 1NXX On Arrival

Diode Small Signal - 1NXX

This is a very common signal diode - 1NXXX. Use this for signals up to 200mA of current. ..

10.00DA Ex Tax: 10.00DA

Diode Zener 1NXX

Article details : Brand Name: ON Model number: 1NXX Type: Diode Package Type: Through Hole Custom: ..

60.00DA Ex Tax: 60.00DA



150.00DA Ex Tax: 150.00DA

MR856 Diode

Description : 3A, 600V Case 267-03 General Purpose, Fast Recovery Rectifier ..

15.00DA Ex Tax: 15.00DA

Schottky Diode On Arrival

Schottky Diode

Schottky diodes are known for their low forward voltage drop and a very fast switching action. This ..

10.00DA Ex Tax: 10.00DA

SK34 Schottky Diode Out Of Stock

SK34 Schottky Diode

Quick Details: Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: ..

25.00DA Ex Tax: 25.00DA

Temperature Sensor LM35DZ

Description : LM35DZ TO-92 LM35 Precision Centigrade Temperature Sensor   0.5°C Ensured..

300.00DA Ex Tax: 300.00DA

Zener Diode - 1W On Arrival

Zener Diode - 1W

Zener diodes are useful for creating a reference voltage or as a voltage stabilizer for low-current ..

10.00DA Ex Tax: 10.00DA

Zener Diode 100V/10W

Zener Diode 100V/10W -zener voltage :100 V -10 Watt ..

180.00DA Ex Tax: 180.00DA