Electrical Cabinet

Electrical Cabinet

Electrical Cabinet

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 POWER SUPPLY AC 0-230V-6A New Backorder


Delivers a variable alternating voltage 0-250 V Power: 2 kW Equipped with a digital display f..

170,000.00DA Ex Tax: 170,000.00DA

12V 10A, 9 Output For Camera

Introductions: This camera power supply distribution box will give you a different impression. It of..

4,000.00DA Ex Tax: 4,000.00DA

12V 5A, 4CH Power Supply Box for CCTV Camera System

Prudect details : power supply:Multi Chaneel CCTV Camera Power Box Multi Channel:4 Ports ..

2,600.00DA Ex Tax: 2,600.00DA

Educational programmable logic controller (PLC) New Backorder

Educational programmable logic controller (PLC)

It is a tutorial model of an API, easy to use for efficient and fast learning. It includes: ..

186,000.00DA Ex Tax: 186,000.00DA

POWER SUPPLY AC / DC 0-230V-6A Backorder


Adjustable from 0-230V DC or AC, this power supply provides a permanent 6A current. It is protected ..

372,000.00DA Ex Tax: 372,000.00DA

Test Bench << electronic wiring >> New Backorder

Test Bench << electronic wiring >>

This model includs a good number of electrical equipment for industrial use, made didactic, wil..

429,000.00DA Ex Tax: 429,000.00DA

Test Bench << Logic Gate Simulator >> New Backorder

Test Bench << Logic Gate Simulator >>

This model allows the student to learn the different basic assemblies of combinatorial logic. It ..

86,000.00DA Ex Tax: 86,000.00DA

Test Bench << Passive filters >> New Backorder

Test Bench << Passive filters >>

This model allows the student to initiate different assemblies of passive filters. Equipped with an ..

129,000.00DA Ex Tax: 129,000.00DA

Test Bench << traffic light >> New Backorder

Test Bench << traffic light >>

This model of red lights is associated with the didactic API is an effective solution for basic lea..

99,900.00DA Ex Tax: 99,900.00DA

Test Bench "Basic electronic circuits" New Backorder

Test Bench "Basic electronic circuits"

This model was designed according to the unified national program of the 2nd year Bachelor of Techno..

129,000.00DA Ex Tax: 129,000.00DA