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Plastic storage box 103-132D

Component Storage Box with dimentions as follow: 275x177x42.5mm ..

600.00DA Ex Tax: 600.00DA

Raspberry Pi B+ Case TEKO - Black

description This high-quality housing for Raspberry Pi Plus consists of black acrylic 3mm thick. It..

1,000.00DA Ex Tax: 1,000.00DA

Acrylic Case for Raspberry Pi 3.5inch LCD Display

Description: hold both your raspberry pi and lcd screen in on case Color:Transparent Material..

800.00DA Ex Tax: 800.00DA

Aluminum Project case 100 * 76 * 35mm

Aluminum PCB Project Circuit Box is good for electronic projects, power supply units. Specificati..

1,500.00DA Ex Tax: 1,500.00DA

Aluminum Project case 100*74*29MM

Specifications: Item : Extruded Aluminum Case Material : Aluminum Product Structure :..

1,400.00DA Ex Tax: 1,400.00DA

Clear Acrylic Enclosure For Arduino MEGA2560 R3

Descripiton: This  product is protective case of SainSmart MEGA2560 R3, fastened by eight sc..

500.00DA Ex Tax: 500.00DA

Clear Acrylic Enclosure for Arduino UNO R3

Descripiton: This  product is protective case of SainSmart UNO R3, fastened by eight screws. I..

1,100.00DA Ex Tax: 1,100.00DA

JUNCTION BOX 230X320X128 Out Of Stock
MOUNT BOX 140x90x60mm Out Of Stock
MOUNT BOX 200x158x64 mm/115A Out Of Stock
MOUNT BOX 253x190x82 mm/115B Out Of Stock

Raspberry Pi 3, 2, B+ Case

Desription : The case comes in five parts so you can snap in sides or tops according to how you'..

1,000.00DA Ex Tax: 1,000.00DA

UNO R3 Enclosure Case Box Black Plastic for Arduino

Description: The Arduino Uno is the undisputed champion of all development boards, why would you not..

1,100.00DA Ex Tax: 1,100.00DA