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Arm & Actuators

Arm & linear actuators

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 17DOF Biped Robotics Humanoid Robot Frame Kits -10%

17DOF Biped Robotics Humanoid Robot Frame Kits

Description: Use high-precision digital servo, Action agile. Graphical programming, easy to ..

73,000.00DA 66,000.00DA Ex Tax: 66,000.00DA

5DOF Robot Humanoid Five Fingers Metal Arm - Right

Description:  - It uses 6 servos to drive and control, each finger can move separately and fle..

15,500.00DA Ex Tax: 15,500.00DA

DIY 4-Axis Servos Control Palletizing Robot Arm Model for Arduino UNO MEGA2560

Description : Features: Simulate real palletizing robot arm structure PVC material, CNC p..

29,000.00DA Ex Tax: 29,000.00DA

Robotic Claw - MKII

This robotic claw is a step up from the classic. The MKII takes everything you loved about the stand..

2,000.00DA Ex Tax: 2,000.00DA