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Arduino GSM Shield 2 (integrated antenna) On Arrival

Arduino GSM Shield 2 (integrated antenna)

Description :• Connects your Arduino to the internet using the GPRS wireless network &bull..

15,000.00DA Ex Tax: 15,000.00DA

GBoard (GSM/GPRS )

Gboard is a unique Arduino board which features a SIM900 GSM/GPRS module, an XBee socket, nRF24L01+ ..

12,200.00DA Ex Tax: 12,200.00DA

GSM Antenna 3G 3dbi - SMA connector Out Of Stock

GSM Antenna 3G 3dbi - SMA connector

Article details :Brand name: NOModel number: 3G antennaFrequency: 800-960MHz 1710-2170MHzCon..

200.00DA Ex Tax: 200.00DA

GSM Antenna with Magnetic Base (3m) On Arrival

GSM Antenna with Magnetic Base (3m)

INTRODUCTION :This is a GSM antenna with SMA connector. Its magnetic base can be easily adsorbed..

700.00DA Ex Tax: 700.00DA

ITEAD 3G Shield On Arrival

ITEAD 3G Shield

The 3G shield is based on SIM5216E module. The SIM5216 series is Multi-Band HSDPA/WCDMA/GSM/GPRS/EDG..

15,000.00DA Ex Tax: 15,000.00DA

Raspberry PI SIM800 GSM GPRS Add-On V2.0 Module Shield For RPI

Description :Raspberry PI GSM Add-on V2.0 is customized for Raspberry Pi interface based on SIM800..

7,300.00DA Ex Tax: 7,300.00DA

SIM800 GSM Out Of Stock


Description :SIM800 is a complete Quad-band GSM/GPRS solution in a SMT type which can be embedded ..

4,400.00DA Ex Tax: 4,400.00DA

SIM800L GPRS GSM Module Out Of Stock


SIM800L GSM GPRS Module Board MicroSIM Transfer Card Core Board  Product DescriptionThis mo..

2,800.00DA Ex Tax: 2,800.00DA

SIM808 GPS/GPRS/GSM Arduino Shield Out Of Stock

SIM808 GPS/GPRS/GSM Arduino Shield

Description : Integrated quad-band GSM/GPRS and GPS navigation Operating voltage: 5V Uses..

9,000.00DA Ex Tax: 9,000.00DA

Sonoff G1: GPRS/GSM Remote Power Smart Switch

Description :Sonoff G1 is a GSM smart power switch that allows users to remotely turn on/off any con..

7,000.00DA Ex Tax: 7,000.00DA

Ublox NEO-M8N GPS Module Built-in Compass Out Of Stock

Ublox NEO-M8N GPS Module Built-in Compass

 Product descriptionA new generation GPS NEO-M8N,with low power consumption and high preci..

5,000.00DA Ex Tax: 5,000.00DA