Particle Photon, Module Wifi IOT

Out Of Stock Particle Photon, Module Wifi IOT

Photon Datasheet (v011)

Model number: PHOTONH

void setup() {
    Spark.publish("my-event","The internet just got smarter!");


Particle's Internet of Things hardware development kit, the Photon, provides everything you need to build a connected product. Particle combines a powerful ARM Cortex M3 micro-controller with a Broadcom Wi-Fi chip in a tiny thumbnail-sized module called the PØ (P-zero).

To get you started quickly, Particle adds a rock solid 3.3VDC SMPS power supply, RF and user interface components to the PØ on a small single-sided PCB called the Photon. The design is open source, so when you're ready to integrate the Photon into your product, you can.

The Photon comes in two physical forms: with headers and without. Prototyping is easy with headers as the Photon plugs directly into standard breadboards and perfboards, and may also be mounted with 0.1" pitch female headers on a PCB. To minimize space required, the Photon form factor without headers has castellated edges. These make it possible to surface mount the Photon directly onto your PCB.

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