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This website Owned By Dzduino Electornics Powered By Eurl Dzduino, social capital 500.000,00 DA, registered under RC 18B0783816 - 00/27, whose registered office is at : City 300 Logement, BT 25 - N° 01/11 RDC - Mostaganem.
And a main branch located at : Cité 122 Logements, BT A3, N°14 - Chemouma - Mostaganem.
Hereinafter: Eurl Dzduino.

These terms and conditions " Terms and Conditions " are established between the Eurl Dzduino and any natural or legal person wishing to make a purchase.
The Eurl Dzduino reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions .

In this case the conditions will be those in force at the date of the order by the customer .
The terms and conditions will apply as soon as they are online.
The items below are prepared in accordance with the regulations in force in Algeria .


These general conditions of sale define the terms of sale between Eurl Dzduino and its customers from the ordering to after-sales service.
These general conditions of sale apply exclusively between the site owner (identified in the website disclaimer and hereinafter referred to as " We " ) and any person making a purchase via the website.

By placing an order on the site constitutes your full and unconditional acceptance to the terms and conditions of sale.

You must read carefully these terms and conditions of sale, print and keep a copy .

2.1 Conditions for placing an order :

You declare to be aged at least 19 years ( in accordance with Article 40 of the Civil Code ) and have the legal capacity allowing you to place an order on the Site.

2.2 Stages of conclusion of the contract :

Before starting to benefit from our services sales and delivery you must first create an account on the site to allow us to take over control .
All fields that you fill must be accurate . You remain master of the statements you make and you take full responsibility for the data that you enter . However, registration does not obligate you in any way to make a purchase. You are and will remain the sole owner of the account.
You agree to provide accurate and reliable information , enabling us to execute all our contractual obligations. We shall not be liable in the event that the information you have provided will prove to be incorrect or incomplete . In this case or in case of default or any other irregularities in your account, we reserve the right to cancel your order and / or delete your account.

We will inform you by email of the shipment of your products. This email constitutes our acceptance of your order and thus form the contract of sale between you and us .


The products are presented with listings and photographed on site with the greatest possible accuracy .

These images can not however ensure a perfect similarity with the product, particularly with regard to color.

Differences may result from color photographs quality, difficulty to appear on the screen rendering or materials , without being exhaustive , technical adaptation.

These differences may in no case be construed as non-compliance and void the sale.

In the event that there are not significant between the characteristics of the product and its presentation and / or description differences , we can not see our liability.


Control of the product you select will follow the process described below .
4.1 Placing your order:

Once selected products , identification and selection of the input mode of delivery data , you will proceed to selecting your payment method.
A summary of your order is presented , which resume including product information , prices and delivery terms . An order number will also be awarded, you will then receive an e -mail containing the details of your order.
4.2 Final confirmation of your order:

 Confirmation of your order will be effective after receipt of payment. Failing receipt and validation rules within
05 working days , we will automatically consider the interrupted command.
If paying by check or postal order , an order confirmation will be sent after confirmation thereof . However, the final confirmation of the latter will occur after receipt and verification of the Regulation.
In case of payment on our account or CCP case of bank transfer , the heel of the CCP mandate or order of transfer be sent by email: or Fax: 045 366 373.

However, the final confirmation of your order will take place after receipt and verification of the Regulation.
* Fees on bank transaction will be charged to the client.

In case of payment by card on a CIB TPE " Electronic Payment Terminal " at the relay point , replace the printed ticket .
However, the final confirmation of your order will take place after receipt and verification of the Regulation.

Only the final validation of the order we contractually committed vis- à-vis you.
* Check the ceiling for authorizing purchases with your issuing bank.
4.3 Validation:

You acknowledge having read and accepted these terms and conditions before placing your order. Validation by you of your order implies acceptance of these conditions of sale.

5.1 Price:

The prices displayed on the Site are in Algerian Dinars inclusive of all taxes and are valid only on the site, excluding shipping costs .

The products ordered will be invoiced on the basis of the current price on the site at the time of recording of the order .
5.2 Payment :

You can pay by:

    Postal or bank duly completed , signed and payable to Eurl Dzduino , and we will be tabled in store or social seat check.

    Enter the back of the check number of the customer in the email confirmation of the previously received command.

    Transfer or payment in the name of Eurl Dzduino to any of the following bank/postal accounts:

    BNP Paribas: Account No. 00731 0000329 001 88 - ( any agency BNP Paribas aldjazair ).
    CCP: Postal Current Account : CCP No. -- throughout the country.
    Regulation at the point relay (TPE bring his IPC map ).


6.1 The ordered products will be delivered By AGEM / Taxi, within a period of 24 working ( on and near Mostaganem , indicate by AGEM_ZONE_1 [ annex 1 ] ) and 72 open ( for the rest of the country , state by AGEM_ZONE_1 [ annex 2 ] ) from the date of receipt of your payment. We report, before confirming the order, the date by which we commit to deliver your order.

However, in case of force majeure, such as natural disaster or disruption , our liability shall not, under any circumstances , be liable for any delay in delivery.


On receipt of your products By AGEM you need sign a delivery " receipt" . You can issue the most accurate required reserves, detailed and legible as possible in case of anomalies ( breakages , damage , non-compliance error occurs, color and / or different dimensions , missing, etc. . ) . In this case, you see all discrepancies upon receipt of a document referred to Retoure Zone , stating clearly the number of the order concerned. If the fault is confirmed, we will implement all necessary means to a new delivery occurs within the shortest possible time .
Before first use or turning on the product, we strongly recommend that you make a careful reading of the records and documents attached to products ( in the package or website .) We will not be liable for any damages arising from any use of products not conforming to requirements in the instructions and attachments .
We also have a Hotline service available to help you and advise you on the products 5 to 7 days .
This service can be reached at 0550 323 025 from Sunday to Thursday from 8h to 17h.
The warranty may vary depending on product characteristics ' 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or more. This warranty covers the legal guarantee of conformity and the warranty against hidden manufacturing " quality assurance " in accordance with Algerian law vices including Ordinance No. 75/58 of 26 September 1975 on the Civil Code, as amended and supplemented .
You must state the specific reasons for return in writing or by sending us the complete products in their original accessories and all packing .

A warranty as defined start is granted for a period of 48 hours . Product with this defect is exchanged , provided the buyer returns in this period.
The warranty period runs from the date of delivery duly noted on the warranty of the product and / or delivery .
The guarantee is subject to the presentation of the guarantee certificate duly authenticated by the dealer.
The warranty conditions are specified in the certificate of guarantee, such qu'assurées by the producer .

Warranty parts and labor by the after-sales service designated by the seller are not provided free of charge during warranty coverage in the following cases :

    • Break , product damage due to dropping or otherwise.
    • Attempted repair or handling by persons or third party service other than the after-sales service designated by the seller.

Guarantee of performance or commitment to repair after-sales troubleshooting service excludes freight and travel to your home or place of residence of the after-sales service , which costs are borne exclusively by the buyer .

In case of flow of the coverage period of the warranty, repair will be charged to the buyer.


All text, images, trademarks and databases integrated into the data website are protected under intellectual property and copyright .
Any reproduction or representation total or partial of the site is strictly prohibited .


These general conditions of sale and use are subject to the Algerian Act.

In case of dispute , the court of Algiers will be territorially proficient to settle the dispute in accordance with Algerian law.

Dzduino Eurl
Thursday, 10.1.2019

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