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Type C LCD Battery 18650 Capacity Tester

Type C LCD Battery 18650 Capacity Tester
Type C LCD Battery 18650 Capacity Tester
Type C LCD Battery 18650 Capacity Tester
Type C LCD Battery 18650 Capacity Tester
Type C LCD Battery 18650 Capacity Tester
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Product Description

Discover our battery capacity tester with LCD screen and Type C interface, the ideal tool for measuring and checking the performance of your rechargeable batteries. Designed to be accurate, portable and easy to use, this tester gives you instant, reliable readings for optimal management of your batteries.

Main Features

Type C Interface: Compatible with a wide range of modern devices.
Backlit LCD Screen: Clearly displays all necessary information.

Measurements Displayed:

Capacity (mAh/Ah): Evaluate the real capacity of your batteries.
Voltage (V): Check the current voltage for accurate management.
Current (A): Monitor the charging or discharging current.
Energy (Wh): Calculate the total energy consumed.
Time (hrs): Track the total charge or discharge time.
Voltage Range: 4V to 30V, covering a wide variety of batteries.
Current Range: 0.01A to 3A, for detailed measurements.
Integrated Protection: Against overloads, short circuits and overheating.


Portability: Compact and lightweight, perfect for testing on the go.
Ease of Use: Intuitive interface with an LCD screen for quick and easy readings.
Versatility: Ideal for e-bike batteries, energy storage systems, portable devices and more.
Safety: Integrated protection functions for peace of mind use.


Capacity Check: Make sure your batteries meet the advertised specifications.
Maintenance and Diagnostics: Identify defective batteries or those with reduced capacity.
Testing Recycled Batteries: Evaluate the condition of used batteries for efficient recycling.
Technical Support: Essential for technicians and engineers working with battery-powered devices.


Connection: Connect the tester to the battery via Type C interface.
Instant Read: The LCD screen immediately displays voltage, current, capacity, energy and time data.
Analysis: Use the information to evaluate battery performance and health.
Safety Assured: Enjoy protection against dangerous conditions such as overloads and short circuits.

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