Kit CNC Spindle, 500W, ER11, DC48V, 12000RPM

Kit CNC Spindle, 500W, ER11, DC48V, 12000RPM

This motor is running quiet, Do not change the carbon brush , cheap cost, small size, high speed, the motor tail to strengthen the cooling fan, you can safely work for a long time!
Can be used for soft metal ,wood, PCB engraving, drilling and so on.

Advantages of brushless motors:
1, no brush, low interference, brushless motor to remove the brush, the most direct change is that there is no brush motor running when the spark, which greatly reduces the spark on the remote control radio interference.
2, low noise, smooth operation, brushless motor without a brush, running friction greatly reduced, running smoothly, the noise will be much lower, this advantage for the stability of equipment operation is a huge support.
3, long life, low maintenance costs, less brush, brushless motor wear is mainly on the bearing, from a mechanical point of view, brushless motor is almost a maintenance-free motor, and if necessary, as long as Some dust can be maintained.
After comparison, you will know the brushless motor relative to the advantages of brush motor where.

  • Operating voltage: 48VDC, need run with brushless drive
  • Power: 500W
  • Speed: 12000r / min
  • Torque: 0.6 (N.m)
  • Insulation resistance:> 2 megohms
  • Insulation Dielectric Strength: 400V
  • Diameter: Front and rear cover 57mm ,motor middle part 55mm
  • Chuck part length: Arbor part 45mm, (including nut and sandwich 60mm)
  • Chuck part diameter: 20mm
  • The total length of the motor is about 200mm (including the clamping part and the motor)
  • Spindle weight: 1.5KG
  • Spindle radial runout: about 0.01-0.03

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