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Model: DZD005266 Stock: 1
Processor support (socket): Intel LGA1700 CPU frequency: 3.4GHz Frequency in Turbo mode: 4.5GHz ..
Ex Tax:27,500.00DA
Model: DZD005267 Stock: 1
Processeur 10 Cores / 16 Threads 6 Performance-Cores (2.5 GHz - 4.6 GHz) ..
Ex Tax:46,500.00DA
THERMAL GREASE TUBE hy510 halnziye
Out Of Stock
Model: DZD005315
Halnziye HY510 Thermal Grease Tube hermal paste (also called thermal compound, thermal grease, ther..
Ex Tax:50.00DA
Model: DZD005316 Stock: 5
Product details of YJ-G190 Thermal Paste Packed In Syringe Apply to CPU, VGA, LED, Chipset & Ot..
Ex Tax:300.00DA
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